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Simple Shopify-integrated solution providing exceptional AI-powered customer service.

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All of your communications
in one place.

Connect all of your communication channels to your Helpdesk and make your own professional FAQ page. Let your customers easily search for answers themselves.

Quickly set up our intelligent features such as ticket sorting, automatic replies, context based templates and response suggestions with no prior technical knowledge.
will take care of the rest.

Take control of your inbox.

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made simple.

You can't be expected to do everything yourself.
Your personal Kiri AI is easily configurable to help manage your tickets exactly how you want to.
It is trained to understand your tickets, requesters and business - and keeps learning based on your feedback and experience.

Configure your bot to automatically send replies for optimal satisfaction or have it suggest responses instead.
Achieve more, faster.

At a glance
metrics that matter.

A good tool becomes great when you truly know how to use it.
You'll receive personalised recommendations from your AI that help increase your profits, customer satisfaction and save time.

Want a more custom approach? No problem.
Within a selected timeframe, you can see just how effective your customer service and sales is.
The results are presented intuitively, so they are immediately actionable.

Make use of your valuable data.

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Kiri enables you to provide the excellent service that your customers deserve.
We strive to provide tools that make it possible for your store to grow without compromises.

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